Larry Marks - Subu CrossFit

Most of the time I become friends with people as we work and shoot together. Larry was the opposite. We became friends as he coached me at Subu CrossFit in downtown Orlando. So when he asked if I wanted to shoot some photos with him I couldn't pass up the opportunity to shoot with someone thats had such an impact on my life, fitness, and health. Larry's a beast when it comes to fitness. Workout with him and you see he's not just pushing himself to the limit every time but it's a calculated strategy of efficiency, effort, and drive.  

Coach Larry Marks

Squat Snatch - a quintessential CrossFit move. Very technical and very hard, here Larry makes it look effortless. 

Two Tire 36" Box jump. And yes, that is a unicorn with lasers coming out of his eyes. 

Gymnastics is one of my favorite parts of CrossFit. Larry demonstrating a ring muscle-up. 

79lb Kettle-Bell

Wrist wraps are an essential accessory to all CrossFit Athletes